"The comments are really great and inspirational. The author seems to be very sound in his understanding of Scripture."
- Bible Study Blog Reviewer

Why Study the Bible?
The Bible tells us how important it is. Here's what it says...

How is the Bible Relevant Today?
You may be surprised to discover that the Bible doesn't oppose science. No, it actually defines it. Science is a belief and belief is what the Bible's all about.

183 Days in John (Bible Study Blog Series)
The very most important thing in this life is to believe in Jesus, but what does that mean? This book is the result of going through John every day for 183 days on the Bible Study Blog. The purpose of the book of John is to encourage us to believe in Jesus. This book of the Bible explains who Jesus really is and why we need to believe in Him.

This is an electronic book that can be used on a Kindle or on any device that has a Kindle app. That means you can read it on a Windows computer too.

This book is great to use as a daily devotional as well.

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