Agile or Plan-Driven: What's Best for Software Development?
When is it best to use a plan-driven approach, and when is it best to use an agile or change-as-you-go approach? I have personally done both during my career.

Making the wrong decision almost ensures that a project will fail. The way to determine the appropriate approach is surprisingly simple. That's what I explain in this article.

White Paper: How to Make Money With Computers
I discovered during my career that this is very easy to lose money developing software. In fact, it is the most likely path. How does a person make money with software?

In this article I detail the most sure plan that I know of, that you can use to make sure that your software project is successful.

White Paper: How 'Agile Requirements' are More Demanding (and why that's a good thing)
Some have accused Agile software development as the license to hack. I beg to differ.

In this article I explain why the opposite is actually true. A true agile team not only makes sure that requirements are written, but it does so in a very rigorous and effective way.

If you want to know more about that way, this article is for you.

Expert Opinion in Favor of Dynamic Programming Languages
What do you think of JavaScript? I think it is the future more than it is the past.

I discovered that I was hardly the only one. In fact a number of experts believe that scripting is actually software's future.

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